Caregiver Pilot Program

Caregiver Pilot Program is an excellent initiative from the Canadian government where a healthcare worker and his/her family are allowed to migrate to Canada on an initial work permit. This allows the caregiver to obtain a 24 months of valuable work experience that makes them eligible to obtain a PR after their 24 months of wor experience is completed. We work with licensed recruiters in Canada, registered by the British Columbia & Nova Scotia Governments to recruit temporary foreign workers in Canada. If you are a healthcare worker overseas and looking to immigrate to Canada, you might be eligible for an open work permit (occupation specific) in Canada and after working for 2 years in Canada as a care giver, you will be eligible to obtain your Permanent Residence in Canada. For more details get in touch with us.

Kids’ schooling free in Canada

Under the Caregiver Program, your dependent children (under the age of 18 years) will be able to receive free education in Canadian public schools.

Open work permit for spouse

Under the Caregiver Pilot program, your spoue will be able to obtain an open work permit and can work fulltime in any occupation in Canada. This will allow him to gain valuable experience inside Canada.

The best & most affordable healthcare program for overseas healthcare workers enabling them to migrate to Canada and obtain PR in two years. Talk to us today.